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Free retro and arcade games on Switch

Sometimes it feels good to go back to the basics by playing classic games or modern games with retro aesthetics. In some ways, they offer more challenges than current game mechanics do. Here are all of the free retro and arcade games on Switch. 

Retrograde Arena *

Retrograde Arena allows you to see in-game physics in action! The goal is to get your battle drone to dominate the arena and figure out which weapons work with your play style to defeat opponents. You unlock new customizations for your drone as you go and build the ultimate bot.

Up to four players can play together on one Switch or you can go online where matches can host up to six players. Have fun duking it out in this old-school arcade art style game. 


Retrograde Arena

Build your best bot and take it into the arena to take down opponents. You can play with friends locally from one Switch or can go online and compete against others around the world. 

Download at: Nintendo

PAC-MAN 99 *

Avoid enemies and eat food as you play a number of PAC-MAN challenges on your Switch. If you have Nintendo Switch Online, you can also participate in PAC-MAN 99 battle royale. As many as 99 people jump into a battle royale match and must play until there is only one person left! 



Enjoy classic PAC-MAN challenges on your own or if you have NSO, see who the best PAC-MAN is while playing against 99 player others in this battle royale twist on a classic favorite.

Download at: Nintendo

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium *

Capcom is back with another collection of classics with everything from classic arcade cabinet adventures to classic fighters. Everything has been touched up to make the experience more fun for modern gamers. Adjust your speed, save and load from any point, and even rewind to make gameplay more convenient. You can play on your own or with others depending on which games you're playing. 


Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

More classics are available on your mobile console thanks to Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium! Play arcade favorites in a new way either on your own or with friends. 

Download at: Nintendo

Cyber Protocol Prologue *

This 8-bit-style adventure uses classic design elements but is very clearly a modern game. Players get an awesome soundtrack with a cyberpunk feel to keep their heartbeat up as they go through intense moments. This is helpful since the game never ends, so you can play to your heart's content! Try to hack your way through opponents getting as many coins as possible and beating your previous scores. If you've played Cyber Protocol, you'll recognize Zone A.


Cyber Protocol Prologue

An 8 bit, 80's music, cyberpunk adventure that never ends. Get through the traps, collect coins, and become a master hacker. It's a challenging game that you'll revisit to beat your previous scores. 

Download at: Nintendo

Namco Museum (PAC-MAN VS. Free Multiplayer-only Ver.) *

This free version of the Namco Museum allows you to play Pac-Man VS. with any of your friends who own the full Namco Museum. Play as Pac-Man or a ghost in the classic multiplayer Pac-Man title. Just remember that it won't work unless you have someone to play with that has the full game on Switch. 


Namco Museum (PAC-MAN VS. Free Multiplayer-only Ver.)

This allows you to access a free version of this game if you are joining a friend who owns the full game. Enjoy classic levels and iconic art styles as you work to collect food and avoid enemies. 

Download at: Nintendo

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