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Free pinball games on Switch

Pinball arcades were prominent in the 70s and 80s, but now a days you can easily enjoy multiple designs without having to go to an arcade. Here are all of the free pinball games on Switch. 

Zaccaria Pinball *

Back in the '70s and '80s, Bally and Williams were the kings of pinball, but Zaccaria was also another pinball company that manufactured some awesome tables.  Enjoy  the vintage pinball tables made by Zaccaria in this game, which include original sounds, effects, lighting, and designs.


Zaccaria Pinball

Play some of the coolest vintage pinball tables made by Zaccaria in a digital form. The game is completely free and you'll find yourself coming back to beat your previous scores on various tables. 

Download at: Nintendo

Pinball FX3 *

There are a few pinball titles on the Switch, and this one has tons of content. Free players start with only one table, but you can purchase more pinball tables if you fall in love with the gameplay. Spend hours gaining points and upping your scores.


Pinball FX3

An oldie but a goodie! Play on one virtual pinball table with this free version and buy yourself some more if you'd like! You can try to beat your previous scores and if you love the game, you can purchase additional pinball tables.

Download at: Nintendo

Stern Pinball Arcade *

If you want to play amazing recreations of real-life pinball machines, this is one of your best options. This version offers some older pinball tables as well as a few of Stern's newer machines. Much like other Pinball games, you get one table for free and have to purchase the rest.


Stern Pinball Arcade

This virtual pinball title recreates actual pinball machines and gives you one free table to play. Many more available for purchase. Have fun scoring points and looking at the different pinball machines.

Download at: Nintendo

The Pinball Arcade *

The Pinball Arcade is very similar to the Stern Pinball Arcade, but this is the newer version. In this version, you can play the latest releases from Stern, but some older machines are no longer here. And as before, you get only one machine for free, and others can be bought individually or in packs.


The Pinball Arcade

For the newer Stern pinball machines, this is the arcade to go to! There are even more virtual pinball machines to choose from and you can work on improving your game. You start with one pinball machine but can purchase more if you'd like.

Download at: Nintendo

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