Amazon Prime down for you? Here's how you can still find the deals!

Amazon Prime Day
Amazon Prime Day (Image credit: Amazon)

As of 3 PM ET, the exact moment that Prime Day started, Amazon's home page stopped working properly for some. When you click on a specific product, you can click into Amazon's deal for it directly, but if you try to click on "Shop All Deals" or one of the "Deals by Interest," you may discover that the home page either loops back to itself or redirects you to an error page (on mobile).

It's likely that, in all of our excitement, we've broken Amazon. Maybe the site wasn't prepared for the massive influx of deal searchers.

The good news is that you can still find out about Amazon's Prime Day deals by following Thrifter's constantly-updating information. They're still finding the great Prime Day deals, even though Amazon can't show them to you on its homepage.

Amazon Prime Day deals (updated regularly)

Happy shopping!

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