AmpliFi mesh networks receiving update enabling free VPN access from anywhere

What you need to know

  • Ubiquiti Labs is rolling out an update that will give AmpliFi mesh network users access to VPN.
  • Users can access the feature free of charge from anywhere in the world through the new AmpliFi Teleport app.
  • There will be no fees or hidden data limits, all you have to do is own an AmpliFi mesh network.

Ubiquiti Labs today announced a new update coming to AmpliFi mesh networks that will enable users to secure virtual private network (VPN) access to their home network freely from anywhere in the world. The whole process will be really simple through the newly announced AmpliFi Teleport app users can download for iOS and Android.

Here's how the connection process will work:

Easier than a plug-and-play setup, users just tap-and-connect to the Teleport app. This allows users to securely connect to their home network, even when not at home. Its unique VPN software protects user data and online presence by granting secure access to their home AmpliFi network, tunneling connections back to the home and masking users' IP address. Because it is based on 1:1 connectivity, it is more likely to work reliably where VPN servers that host many connections are blocked.

Additionally, the feature can be shared with friends and family through the app.

VPN has become a go-to feature for people that want the utmost protection of their data. This new update just bakes the feature into AmpliFi mesh networks, making it super simple to access.

Best of all, unlike other VPN services, this is free for all AmpliFi users. There will be no subscription fees or hidden data limits. You'll just need to own an AmpliFi network, which start out at $99.

Danny Zepeda