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Gyroid Hero Acnh Switch
Gyroid Hero Acnh Switch (Image credit: iMore (screenshot))

The gyroid, a classic musical decoration from the series, has finally made its way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons with the new 2.0 update. Now villagers can get to work digging up, planting, and decorating with a variety of gyroids just waiting to create a groove in your home. We are hunting down all the options and will update this list with all the information and pictures as we find them.

How to obtain gyroids

To get these cute characters, you will have to visit islands with Kapp'n and use your shovel to dig up the "x" spots. These spots will have gyroid fragments. When you take the fragment back to your island, plant the fragment and water it. The next day, dig your fragment back up and a full gyroid will come out, ready to be placed in your home!

All gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Digging Up Gyroid Acnh Switch

Digging Up Gyroid Acnh Switch (Image credit: iMore (screenshot))

These gyrating gyroids all have different customization options, designs, and musical features. Collect them all or find the ones that suit your rooms best!

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GyroidGyroid Description
AluminoidThis robotic looking gyroid makes mechanical sounds, with a mixture of ticking and chugging.
ArfoidThis lovable gyroid is puppy-like in appearance and sound, and makes musical barking sounds.
BabbloidSoothing splashes can be heard from this polka dotted cutie.
BendoidBendoid has a very fitting name. This rook-shaped gyroid makes sound bending noises, similar to a theremin.
BloopoidA bubbly character all around! The Bloopoid is a round shape and makes the soft sound of a bubble popping.
BoioingoidThis winking, tufted gyroid makes a sound reminiscent of a spring doorstop when pulled sideways.
BoomoidThick and with a powerful, deep sound, this is one of the few that offers a lower register noise.
BrewstoidA gyroid based on the beloved Brewster. Those who are lucky enough to find this gyroid will enjoy his bird-like looks and coos.
BubbloidThe big cheeks on this gyroid make a bubbling sound and even blows bubbles into the room.
BwongoidGet into the groove with this round gyroid's bongo beat.
ClatteroidIt looks like a children's toy and sounds like one too; this little guy gives a wood block sound.
CrumploidWhile the name Crumploid implies a crumpling sound, we would describe it as more of a food munching sound.
DootoidAs the name implies, this gyroid doots a beat like a metronome. He has a very unique leaf shaped face.
DrummoidThe hat and skirt donning Drummoid hits like a high-hat and traditional drum set.
FlutteroidShaky and silly, the sound from this gyroid is similar to the sound you make blowing air between your lips, or a dull rattlesnake rattle.
JingloidThere's no better way to describe the sound of this gyroid than to say it sounds just like Santa's sleigh.
LaseroidThree protrusions come out of this gyroids head, giving him a robotic look, and he sounds like an old-school video game laser being shot.
OinkoidIf it looks like a pig and sounds like a pig, it might be an oinkoid.
PetaloidOpening up to dance like petals on a flower, this beeping gyroid is as much about visuals as it is about sound.
RattloidThis stout gyroid shakes and makes a noise as if a metal ball is hitting around inside him as he moves.
RingoidHitting the circle hands against the skirt-like base produces soft, harmonious notes.
RumbloidGiving an understated rumbling bass sound, this hip-shaking gyroid offers a lower tone than most.
ScatteroidThe soft rustling noise this grass skirt gyroid gives adds a soft beat as he jams.
SpikenoidSpikey-headed and frog-faced, this little buzzer gives a low humming sound to the music around it.
SproingoidThis out-of-this-world gyroid has an alien look and alien sound, emitting an unusual springing noise.
SqueakoidMuch like a dog toy, this crazy haired gyroid squeaks his notes.
SqueezoidThis gyroid has a beautiful scale-like design, but sounds like a squeaky tennis shoe.
StelloidThis unique, tall, thin gyroid makes an echoing whooping noise in high tones, giving it an outerspace kind of feel.
ThwopoidThis gyroid produces a popping sound, making the bubble on top of his head bigger and smaller as he makes sounds.
TockoidAlthough he may not tick, Tockoid does a pretty mean wooden tocking noise.
TremoloidThis one really wiggles! His wiggly looks match his wobbly sound.
TwangoidTake in the soft sounds of the light plucking of strings with this hollow stringed gyroid.
WallopoidGet lost in the rhythmic, percussive sounds of this ghost-like drummer.
WhirroidAs he rotates, Whirroid clicks and makes a ticking noise, turning back to face the front.
WhistloidWith a glass-like appearance in beautiful colors, the whistling sound that comes from the top gives a beautiful melody.
XylophoidThis chubby cheeked gyroid gives a beautiful tinkling xylophone tone to your gyroid band.

Gyrating gyroids

While this was already one of the best games on Nintendo Switch, we are so excited to jump back in to get all these moving, musical cuties in our home with all the different designs and customization options. Since you can only travel with Kapp'n once a day and there are only a few fragments on the island, it may take some time to build up your collection or find the one you're looking for. But it's so worth it for these symbolic décor creatures.

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