Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.2.0 adds more events and visitors

Text in Japanese with Leif the sloth
Text in Japanese with Leif the sloth (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • The v1.2.0 update brings new events and visitors to your island.
  • Leif the sloth can now appear on your island with his garden shop.
  • Redd the fox can now visit your island with his treasure trawley.
  • Nature Day will run from April 23 - May 4.
  • May Day will run from May 1 - May 7.
  • International Museum Day runs from May 18 - May 31.
  • Wedding Season runs from June 1 - June 30.
  • Two new aloha shirts can now be obtained by redeeming Nook Miles.
  • The amount of interest earned for having savings in the ABD was significantly reduced.

While the update doesn't take long to download, the official patch notes tell us that it does include several new events and characters for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. For starters, two new characters can now show up on your island: Leif the sloth and Redd the fox.

Much like Celeste, Label, Kicks, Flick, and C.J., these two visitors can show up at various times throughout the week. Leif sets up a garden shop in front of Resident Services and players can purchase flower seeds and shrubs from him. Redd shows up at the secret beach at the back of your island. Players can board his boat and purchase art. But beware, some of them are fakes. Genuine pieces can be donated to the museum art gallery.

In addition to these two special characters, several events were included with the update. These include Nature Day which runs from April 23 - May 4. May Day, which runs from May 1 - May 7. International Museum Day, which runs from May 18 - May 31. And finally Wedding Season, which runs from June 1 - June 30.

When players turn their game on after downloading the update, they'll find two items in the mail, which they can use to decorate their homes: a world map, and a rug in the shape of a Bell bag.

Isabelle, Timmy, and Tommy wearing aloha shirts

Isabelle, Timmy, and Tommy wearing aloha shirts (Image credit: Nintendo)

In addition to these events, players can now redeem their hard-earned Nook Miles for two new aloha shirts. Specifically, the coral one that Isabelle wears or the blue-ish green one that Timmy and Tommy wear. The final part of this update reduces the amount of interest that players can earn for the Bells in their savings account. This prevents time traveling players from accumulating lots of wealth simply by having Bells in the ABD kiosk at Resident Services.

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