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If you've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while, you've probably noticed that several special characters — specifically Celeste, C.J., Flick, Saharah, Kicks, and Label — visit your island. What you might not know is that there are prerequisites to getting these unique characters to visit. Once these conditions have been met, each character has a set schedule for when they could appear on your island. We have Ninji to thank for uncovering some of this information. While characters aren't guaranteed to show up on your island during these times, it gives you a better idea of when to expect each one.

Here's a chart explaining what conditions needed to unlock each special character along with their visiting days and times. Characters are in alphabetical order.

Special character visiting schedule

Name Occupation Prerequisite Visiting Hours Mon - Fri Sat Sun
Acnh Celeste Celeste Shooting star expert Once the museum is built and a meteor shower appears 7PM - 5AM next day
Acnh Cj C.J. Fish collector Resident Services is upgraded 5AM - 5AM next day
Acnh Daisy Mae Daisy Mae Turnip seller Nook's Cranny is built 5AM - 12PM
Acnh Flick Flick Bug collector Resident Services is upgraded 5AM - 5AM next day
Acnh Gulliver Gulliver Chronic castaway Blathers' arrival has been announced 5AM - 5AM next day
Acnh Harvey Harvey Owner of Photopia The "three new houses" quest must be completed 5AM - 5AM next day (only visits once)
Acnh Kicks Kicks Shoe and bag salesman Able Sisters tailor shop is built 5AM - 10PM
Acnh Kk Slider K.K. Slider Musician After completing Project K 7PM - 5AM
Acnh Label Label Fashion designer Able Sisters tailor shop is built 5AM - Midnight
Acnh Leif Leif Garden shop owner Unknown 5AM - 5AM next day
Acnh Mabel Mabel Co-owner of Able Sisters tailer shop Nook's Cranny is built 5AM - 10PM (until Able Sisters is built)
Acnh Redd Redd Art Smuggler Must have made 60 donations to the Museum 8PM - 5AM
Acnh Saharah Saharah Wall and flooring seller Once your home is upgraded from a tent to a house 5AM - Midnight
Acnh Wisp Wisp Resident ghost Available from the beginning 8PM - 5AM

Be our guest!

Now, you have to meet the criteria before any of these characters appear on your island. I have been dying for C.J. to visit my island as I've stocked up on several rare fish since I last saw him. Hopefully, whoever you're looking for will appear on your island soon.

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