Apollo 1.5 blasts into the App Store with new mod features and more

Apollo for Reddit on iPhone
Apollo for Reddit on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

Reddit is the place on the Internet where things usually start before going viral, or even where news breaks. On iOS, one of the best ways to access Reddit is with a little app called Apollo by Christian Selig, and it's one of our favorite apps here at iMore (in fact, it even lives on my home screen). Today, Apollo gets an update to version 1.5, and it's a pretty significant update.

New features

Apollo's comment view

The biggest new feature in this update is better private messages support, which has been a highly requested feature by many users. Now you'll be able to view and respond to PMs in a gorgeous, fully-threaded conversational view, and you'll still be able to go to separate inbox sections (viewing comment replies, etc.)

For those with Apollo Pro/Ultra, there is a new auto-collapsing child comments feature. This will hide everything that isn't a top-level comment, so it's easier than ever before to just read the best replies. This setting can be toggled to be on a per-subreddit basis, or automatically or manually everywhere. It's up to you.

Another nice Pro/Ultra feature is auto-hiding of read posts and auto-marking posts as read while scrolling. This helps keep your feed fresh, and you don't see content that you've already seen.

For the moderators

Apollo's subreddit traffic stats for moderators

If you are a moderator of a subreddit, then there are some brand new moderator features that are sure to help make your job easier. There is now support for Mod Mail, where you can view, respond to, action, sort, search, filter mod mail (both new and legacy, all threaded), including "user report cards." There is also Mod Queue, Mod Log, and Mod Zone. You're able to see traffic stats, edit rules, lock comments, edit AutoMod config, and much more. Apollo is now one of the most fully-featured apps for Reddit moderators.

Other brand new features and fixes

Apollo threaded PMs

Those of you with Apollo Ultra, there is a new monthly app icon from Jorge Velez: Mechapollo. The update also includes other noteworthy additions, like more gesture controls, pure dark headers in Pure Black Dark Mode, and more. Here is the full changelog:

  • Tall thumbnails no longer cropped
  • Setting to show subreddits at the top of a post
  • Setting to always show usernames
  • Manually corrected another 1K subreddit capitalizations, currently up to around 5,200. (eg: askreddit -> AskReddit, wholesomememes -> WholesomeMemes)
  • You can now swipe along the top bar (in addition to the bottom tab bar) to go back/forward
  • Fixed bug with new comments sort eventually loading top comments instead of new
  • Media viewer supports even larger images
  • When typing, if you select text then the create link button it autofills the text
  • When you're on a user's profile (or your own) you can tap the headers for more info
  • Option to disable GIF autoplay
  • sPoNgEtExT option for 14% boosted in memeing
  • Fixed bug where numbered lists could have their numbers disappear
  • Fixed bug with around issues with swiping forward
  • Fixed delay with keyboard opening in alerts
  • Fixed two significant memory leaks, should make Apollo faster/less crashy
  • Fixed bug with marking all messages read
  • Fixed bug where tags in post could have their color take over the whole title
  • Gesture icons now better indicate if you're undoing something (undo upvote, etc.)
  • 14 new Text Faces
  • Subreddit Jump Bar makes better suggestions
  • Supports fenced code blocks like new Reddit
  • Fixes some video playback issues
  • Fixed bug with subreddit loading
  • Fixed bug with weird spoiler formatting
  • Double-tapping to zoom tall images won't cut top off on X/XS devices
  • Ability to view and message subreddit mods
  • Reddit URLs that let you jump into message composing now work
  • Accept moderator invites
  • Searching subreddit hides keyboard on scroll
  • Shows if a comment has been locked
  • Tweets with spoilers now hide the tweet
  • Compact mode spoilers hide properly
  • Fixed some bugs around trophies
  • Fixes to some weird mismatched colors in Monochrome theme
  • Improved abilities to report things
  • Fixes to long Twitter handles running off screen
  • Fix to when sharing some non-English Reddit posts it would sometimes cut off the link
  • Fixed bug around unfollowing users
  • A bunch more tweaks and fixes to just make everything even more awesome

The best Reddit app gets better

Apollo is one of our favorite ways to browse Reddit, and we're glad to see that it continues to get better over time. What app are you using for Reddit on iOS? What do you think of this update to Apollo? Let us know in the comments!

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