App Analytics: Everything you need to know!

App Analytics are a feature of Apple's iTunes Connect suite of developer tools that provide information to developers about how people interact with their apps. They include data about app engagement, how your marketing campaigns perform, where people discover your app, and more.

If you've got questions about App Analytics, we've got answers.

What's new with App Analytics?

Apple has just added a couple of metrics to offer developers more data on discovery of their apps. In particular, developers can now see how many users discovered their apps while using the App Store. This includes discovery during simple browsing, discovery from search, and tapping on App Store Search Ads.

Apple also added data about app downloads that come from referrals. So you can now see how many people clicked a link to your app on a website, or from within another app. This allows you to better craft your marketing campaigns to sources that drive more app downloads.

Back up a second. What are App Analytics?

In iTunes Connect, developers of apps sold on Apple's App Stores can see different metrics regarding their apps using Apple's App Analytics tools. The tools Apple provides allow developers measure engagement with their app, manage app marketing campaigns, and more.

Analytics offer data breakdowns by by metrics like platform, date, and country.

What sort of data is measured in App Analytics?

iTunes Connect App Analytics offer data on the following points:

  • App Store sources: See how many people discovered your app while using the App Store.
  • App referrers: See which apps are driving downloads for your apps.
  • Web referrers: Find out which blogs, websites, and other online sources drive downloads for your apps.
  • Marketing campaigns: See the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and create links for each campaign to gain even greater insight.
  • App Store Impressions: Learn how often your app's icon is seen in the App Store, with breakdowns for search results, Featured, Top Charts, and more.
  • App Store product page: Find out how effective your app's product page is using data about how many people visited the page against how many downloaded your app.
  • User engagement: Learn How often a user opens your app, on which device, and for how long.
  • Paying users: Check out how many paying users you have for your app.
  • Apple TV data: This data measures engagement and monetization from Apple TV apps.
  • Crashes: See how often your app crashes in a given day.
  • Segment by download date: View download data for your app based on a given date or date range.

If I'm a developer, how can I see data from App Analytics?

You'll find data for your apps, along with a number of other tools, at iTunes Connect. You'll just need to sign in with your developer account.

Note that in order see any analytic data, you'll need at least one approved version of your app, and deleted apps don't appear on your dashboard.

If I'm a customer, can developers see my data?

No data is given to developers by Apple that makes customers personally identifiable.

Can customers see any data from App Analytics?

No. Data from App Analytics is for the developer only, and other developers, as well as customers, are unable to see this data without the developer in questions sharing it themselves.


If you've got any questions about iTunes Connect's App Analytics, be sure to let us know down in the comments.

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