You've made a New Year resolution to lose weight and intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App is here to help! Just tell intelli-Diet what food you have at home, and it'll build a healthy well-balanced diet for you. Leave the meal planning up to intelli-Diet!

The app takes the foods you have, and then creates a well-balanced diet of whole, natural foods. And... your diet’s customized by your gender, weight, activity level, and more. It’s like having a Dietician in your pocket!


  1. Select your weight loss goals and food preferences.
  2. Determine which foods you have in your kitchen.
  3. Let the system automatically create you a well-balanced diet.
  4. Watch the pounds come off. It thinks, you eat!™


  • Receive an automatically generated shopping list.
  • Customize any meal with easy food swaps.
  • Track your weight loss progress in charts and tables.
  • Use it anywhere, anytime! No internet connection required.
  • Meal reminders, water trackers, and much more.


The folks at Barracuda Partners have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just let us know how much weight you hope to lose this year.

intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App is available on the iPhone and on sale for $3.99.

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