Hundred PushUps for iPhone will help you get your upper body strength on! [Giveaway]

We're into the second week of Mobile Nations fitness month and it's time to get more serious about your strength training. If upper body strength is on your want list, Hundred PushUps is the perfect app to help get you results. It's a six week program whose ultimate goal is to get you to successfully complete 100 consecutive pushups in a row.

Now, as someone who struggles to complete only 10 pushups (where 5 of them are the girly kind!), I understand how you may instantly feel discouraged by this seemingly insurmountable task. But that's where Hundred Pushups comes in!

With Hundred PushUps' highly acclaimed plan, you will succeed. All you have to do is not give up, and invest a mere 30 minutes a week.


Since it's Mobile Nations fitness month and we want you to be as successful as you possibly can be, so we're gifting away 5 copies of Hundred PushUps to you, our awesome, motivated, and dedicated readers! For a chance to win, just tell us how many pushups you can do now, today. Everyone has to start somewhere! (Must have a US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!)

$1.99 - Download Now (opens in new tab)

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • 45 on a typical day. Would love to hit that 100 mark!
  • I can do 21 girlie or 9 not girlie.
  • 26 with good form. Look to hit the 100
  • Can currently do 35 - 40 consecutive. Would love to get to 100 consecutive.
  • No one cares how many push ups you can do squares!!!
  • i can do about 30 but they are weak pushups. i am about 50 lbs overweight and i am close to developing diabetes so i really need to get into shape.
  • I've always had trouble gaining weight, and especially muscle. Just bad genetics. My arms and chest especially need lots of work, and I can do maybe 10 girl-style pushups, and like 3 or 4 normal ones. It's pretty bad...
  • Can do 25 regular pushups. Would love to do more.
  • 15-20 good form. Horrible.
  • 100 a day, how about I start with 100 a week
  • I used to be able to do 100 3 years ago when i was in the Army. Now, well, I embarrassed to say that I can do 30-50, depending on the gravity that day.
  • You're not alone, when I got out out the Air Force I could do about 70 with good form, now 25 is about it.
  • I can probably do 5. I really think I need the app. Thank you.
  • I can do about 25. The app would help greatly!
  • I might be able to do 2. I need help
  • The same as Cory--5. I, too, really need that app to finally get some upper body strength (I usually ride my road bike at least 3 days a week @50 miles each day but that does nothing for my upper body)
  • I can do only 5 real push ups - about 25 girl pushups.
  • 50
  • About 15! :-(
  • I had this app on my old Droid phone. I can tell you that if you stick with it, you will get in your 100 push ups. Consecutively. In a row. On the same day. Stick with it though! Good app!
  • I can do 35 consecutive...would love to be able to hit 100!
  • Uh, I don't think I can really do one. I'd love to work up to 100 in 6 weeks, but more than that, my daughter is a little overweight and I think it would be great if we could work at this goal together. Maybe she could show off for her PE class. (They have a push-up benchmark test, but I'm pretty sure they don't need to do 100!)
  • Usually do sets so just tried 1 set without stopping. Made it up to 50 with bad form near the end. Would like this app!
  • I can do 12. Not Bad right?
  • wow like 35
  • 15-20 with good form.
  • ugh - I'd be thrilled to do 15 good ones!
  • 25-30 consecutive then complete fail
  • i can do 25! 100 would be great!
  • 10 if I'm lucky. I really need this app!!!
  • I can do a solid 11
  • 50 in 60 seconds
  • I can eat about 3 consecutive Push Pops...oh wait, you said Push Ups...
    I can do about 3 of those as well.
  • But my form stinks
  • I can do 35.
  • Can do 20.. Wish I could hit 100
  • Had this on my old Pre. It works, did my 100 on Fathers Day 2010. Would love a copy for iPhone, as I can manage 30 now.
  • 37
  • 25
  • 17 in row is about my max....over the course of a day...who knows!
  • depends on who's under me
  • I used to be able to do sets of 300 pushups. Now I am out of shape, and can only do 20 without stopping. I could really use this is my quest to become a spartan warrior.
  • I am good for 1 or 2 pushups before I start crying like a baby.
  • 15-20 and not the girly kind!
  • I can do 40 right now. That would be awesome to pucnh out 100!
  • I can do 80 , 5 sets five nights a week , when not in shape about 50
  • I can just about get to 50 which is not so bad for a 64 year old
  • 12 an I pay dearly for it.
  • I can do 27 in one run...
  • I can do close to 40...if I really push it. Normally my arms give out around 30.
  • At most, a dozen at a time
  • I can do 20-30
  • Can currently do 50.would love to do 200.
  • Around 5 without rest, closer to 10 on a good day.
  • I can only do about 10...I'm 5' 4, weight is 142... And I got lil titties and I hate them!!!! :( help...
  • If I accidentally layed on my iPad I could do 1 to get me off it but after removing the IPad I would collapse back on the floor. I want nothing more than to be able to prove this app works so everyone can safety put their iPad on the floor without fear of me falling and not being able to get up and off it!!
    Help me help you!
  • At least 30 on a good day.
  • I can currently do about 40-50 at once. I did the 100 pushup deal a few years ago and got up to around 80 at once ... before I quit the program. Keeping track of my progress was a pain using a paper and pen. I'd love to have this app!
  • Probably about 25, but they ain't pretty.
  • I can only do 25. :(
  • Maybe 6.
  • 7:( i definitely need it
  • no shame on that.
  • At the moment I can do around 35.
  • About 25ish
  • About 20 on a good day...
  • I can do about 20, would love to try my hand with this though! Have to get ready for the summer!
  • I can do like 15... maybe 20 if it's a good day.
  • What's a pushup?
  • Not enough. Do you really want me to tell you how out of shape I am?
  • I can do 25-30 before my form starts to really suffer. Been trying to work up to 100, but having a hard time sticking to it.
  • I can do a solid 35 before giving out.
  • I can do a solid 35 before I'm out of juice. I'd love to get to 100 without batting an eye!
  • 15-20 with horrible form
  • I can do 10 pushups against a wall. Not a single one from the floor. I can go down but not back up.
  • 25, would love to dom100
  • I can do 30 proper pushups!
  • probably like 15 before i die
  • Can do about 15, would like to improve that!
  • I peter out around 45
  • 30 pushups. On a great day. :-).
    20 pushups on average. :-(
  • A whopping four. Five to six if I want to risk falling on my face.
  • 35 push pushups
  • I can do about 40 pushups
  • 30 for me
  • 15 good ones
  • Cool, 15 real ones for me.
  • 20 :/ i use to be able to do 90 non-stop
    but that was three years ago when i was fit
    now its hard to start doing good again
  • Man I'm out of shape I got up to 25.
  • I get in between 30 to 50 almost everyday. I've always wanted to try this program because when I was in top shape I used to do between 100 and 150 per day but haven't gotten back to that point in years.
  • When I'm not tired, I can do around 40. If I'm feeling sluggish (maybe from a fattening breakfast), I can do around 25-30.
  • I can do a solid 15...5 or 6 of which are pretty I feel weird.
  • 50 when I'm feeling great!
  • 35
  • Well I am up to about 35 goods ones thanks to the iMore fitness challenge. I can remember when I was actually in shape I could easily do about 100...unfortunately that has been longer ago than I care to remember. I would love to get back there...
  • 35
  • I can do 25 in one rep. Then 15, then 10 then I'm spent!
  • Really?
    A $2 app to get you to do pushups?!?
    Wow... we have truely devolved as a species...