hundred pushups

We're into the second week of Mobile Nations fitness month and it's time to get more serious about your strength training. If upper body strength is on your want list, Hundred PushUps is the perfect app to help get you results. It's a six week program whose ultimate goal is to get you to successfully complete 100 consecutive pushups in a row.

Now, as someone who struggles to complete only 10 pushups (where 5 of them are the girly kind!), I understand how you may instantly feel discouraged by this seemingly insurmountable task. But that's where Hundred Pushups comes in!

With Hundred PushUps' highly acclaimed plan, you will succeed. All you have to do is not give up, and invest a mere 30 minutes a week.


Since it's Mobile Nations fitness month and we want you to be as successful as you possibly can be, so we're gifting away 5 copies of Hundred PushUps to you, our awesome, motivated, and dedicated readers! For a chance to win, just tell us how many pushups you can do now, today. Everyone has to start somewhere! (Must have a US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!)

$1.99 - Download Now

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