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What you need to know

  • The release of iOS 14 has brought a ton of great new widgets to the App Store.
  • Sunlight puts things like sunrise and sunset on your Home screen.
  • The app will also tell you when golden hour is, too.

The release of iOS 14 brought widgets to the Home screen and there have been tons of great apps take advantage of that already. The latest to cross my Home screen is Sunlight – Rise & Set Times. And it does exactly what that name suggests.

At its simplest, Sunlight will tell you when the sun will rise and set at different places around the globe. But there's more here, especially if you're someone who needs to know more advanced sun-related data such as when golden hour will be – perfect for those who want to capture gorgeous photos, for example.

Here are some main features we have for you:

  • Widgets that shows the approximate time left of the day through a sun that moves up and down throughout the day, based on the remaining daylight hours.

  • Sunrise, solar noon, sunset times of different geographical regions, with support of viewing with either the device's timezone, or the region's timezone.

  • Twilights times such as civil, nautical and astronomical dawn and dusk times.

  • Beautifully crafted live sun and moon movements based on approximate time of day.

  • Azimuth and altitude angle viewing for both sun and moon.

  • Moonrise, sets, meridian passing

  • Moon illumination percentage at current time, next full moon, next new moon.

  • Moon phase.

  • Times where the blue hour and golden hour occurs, so that those that love taking photos at those hours, and keep track at when to prep for the perfect shot.

Being able to put widgets on your Home screen, complete with information and artwork that saves you dipping into the app proper, is game-changing. Whether you're someone who needs to know this stuff for your photography obsession or because you spend time on the water, this is an app you should be checking out.

You can download Sunlight − Rise & Set Times from the App Store right now, priced at $1.99.

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