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What you need to know

  • App Store Connect server-to-server notifications have been expanded.
  • Developers will now be told when a subscription fails due to a billing error.
  • They'll also receive information about the last 100 IAPs, too.

Apple has today updated (via 9to5Mac) its App Store Connect server-to-server notifications to give developers improved information on why a user's subscription has failed. They'll also be told when the issue has been rectified, too.

As part of the change developers will also now receive a unified receipt covering the last 100 in-app purchases to have been made.

Server-to-server notifications from the App Store let you receive real-time updates in a subscription's status, so you can provide customized experiences for your subscribers. New notifications are now available when a subscription renewal fails due to a billing issue and when a billing issue is resolved by the App Store. In addition, a unified receipt containing information about the latest 100 in-app purchase transactions is now included with the notification. If you've already enabled server-to-server notifications in App Store Connect, you'll automatically receive the new notifications and unified receipt for these subscription events.

All developers with server-to-server notifications enabled will automatically receive the new real-time subscription notifications with no additional work required on their part.

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These changes will likely be well received by developers who were previously kept in the dark when a subscription renewal failed. Notifications about failed in-apppurchases due to billing issues could potentially be very useful for those dealing with customer support requests, for example.

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