Apple Store entrance

What you need to know

  • This will be Apple's second store in Mexico.
  • It'll also be the Mexican flagship store.
  • It's going to look pretty awesome.

Apple is opening its second Apple Store in Mexico, with the Apple Antara store opening at 5pm local time on September 27th.

The store, located in the Polanco district of Mexico City, will be an outdoor pavilion at the Antara Fashion Mall. It's also set to become Apple's flagship store, joining the smaller Apple Via Santa Fe store which opened in 2016.

Similar to Apple Park, the new venue will feature curved glass walls, according to 9to5Mac, along with a canopied roofline. Like all modern flagship Apple Stores, it's likely to be as much of a tourist attraction for its architecture as it is for the devices that are sold within it.

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Apple is keen to make sure everyone knows all about Apple Antara. Retail + People SVO Deidre O'Brien has posted an announcement about the store on Instagram, with some special new Today at Apple sessions also designed to celebrate the store's opening.

The special sessions include:

  • Art Walk: Explore the colors of Polanco guides customers through the Mexico City's iconic museums and art installations to create a color palette in the Procreate app.
  • Photo Walk: Cityscapes in Polanco focuses on capturing artistic photos by observing the angles, reflections, and textures of the landscape around the store.

Apple Antara joins other stores in almost being ready for business, including The Wooldands and the iconic Fifth Avenue store.