Apple operates both Apple Retail Stores and Apple Online Stores, currently under the purview of senior vice president Angela Ahrendts. Both retail and online are focused on providing the best possible experience for purchasing iPhone, iPad, Mac, and related accessories. Apple Retail Stores are home to specialists who give courses on how to get more out of your Apple products, and Genius Bars which fix those products should anything ever go wrong. While skeptics doubted they'd succeed, Apple Stores have gone on to become among the most profitable retail spaces in the world and earn over $6,000 per square foot, which is twice the value of any other U.S. based retailer, even Tiffany's which earns close to $3,000 per square foot on average.

Current Apple product owners can go to Apple's website and easily schedule a Genius Bar appointment at any Apple Store that is close to them. When you show up for your appointment a dedicated Genius Bar technician will troubleshoot your device onsite and provide you with repair or replacement options on the spot. All Genius Bar employees are Mac certified and typically work on Mac computers in-store. Very few in-store repairs are done when it comes to iPhones, iPads, and iPods. These devices are typically replaced or sent out, but in recent years Apple has worked on expanding what repair options they can offer iPhone owners on location.

Most Apple Stores have a very industrial and modern feel to them. Many have all glass facades that are adorned in colorful banners and ads for Apple's latest and greatest products. The main floor of each Apple Store is dominated by working models of Apple's current product line. Apple Store employees are trained to help in specific areas and even offer One-to-One services for those new to Mac or iOS. Some larger stores even offer group workshops and presentations led by Apple Store employees.

When it comes to planning a new Apple Store, there have been many occasions where Apple repurposes existing buildings and structures in order to add to the uniqueness of the space as well as preserve buildings that may be historical landmarks. Apple has renovated old subway stations and repurposed them as Apple Store locations and even turned old historical buildings in Europe into one of a kind retail shopping spaces that people travel the world over to visit. Year over year Apple has ranked highest is customer satisfaction and the unique retail experience Apple provides no doubt plays a huge part.