Apple appears to be slashing the Apple Music free three month trial to only one month

What you need to know

  • Apple appears to be ending its longstanding free three month trial of Apple Music for new customers..
  • New banners through its site advertise only a one month trial.
  • It will be the first time since Apple Music launched in 2015 that Apple is not offering the longer trial.

Apple's longstanding three month free trial of Apple Music could be coming to an end according to new banners on its site. First spotted by MacRumors, the new banners now advertise only one free month instead of the usual three.

Deep in Apple's accessories page now appears a banner add that markets only one month for the trial. It reads: "Millions of songs. One month on us." Clicking on the link automatically takes you to iTunes where the same one month free trial is offered, so it could be a permanent thing.

We tried accessing the three month trial through the main Apple Music site but it again sent us to the iTunes page that only offers a one month trial.

Since Apple Music launched in 2015, Apple has offered the three month trial to potential customers to try out the service and see if it was worth subscribing too. The moved paid off as Apple Music became the fastest growing music service reaching 60 million paying subscribers earlier this year, but it seems Apple is ready to cut back on the perk.

At this point, it might not be worth it to Apple to keep the longer trial. It's already made a big headway into the music streaming market. And it's not like it eliminated the trial completely. Customers could still get a month to try out the service, which is what most services offer anyway.

It's still not a done deal as it could be a mistake on the Apple site, and if it is, we'll update the post. But it's looking like new customers are only getting one month on Apple.

Danny Zepeda