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What you need to know

  • Populus Run is the latest game to land on Apple Arcade.

The latest arrival on Apple Arcade, Populus Run by FIFTYTWO, is a strange twist on the popular endless runner genre. Gamers must try to traverse a course while avoiding obstacles, but there's a twist – instead of controlling one person, they'll have to control a whole bunch of them.

To win, gamers simply need to have at least one of their people left when they reach the end of the course. But they'll need to avoid flying food and all sorts of obstacles to do it.

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In this unconventional running game, players control a group of people confronting crazy obstacles with the objective of finishing the course with at least one runner. Players can collect additional people who stand in their way as they dash towards the finish line but they'll have to dodge giant fast food, slide down waterpark pipes and battle rapper bosses to claim victory.

Populus Run is free for all Apple Arcade subscribers. A subscription runs at $4.99 per month unless you're an Apple One subscriber, in which case it's included in your bundle.

You can download Populus Run from the App Store now.

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