Apple Card covers are becoming a thing because why not

What you need to know

  • Apple Card covers are becoming a thing.
  • A seller on Etsy is selling a cover made of premium cellulose fiber that comes with a matte black finish.
  • Don't be surprised to see Apple Card covers everywhere soon given the concern about how they will age.

The Apple Card has been a product unlike any we've seen before. From its unique titanium finish to the slow rollout, it has commanded the attention like no other credit card product. Even the way you clean it has become a big deal. Well, to round out the spectacle, sleeve covers for the Apple Card are now available.

It was only a matter of time before this happened.

To understand Apple Card covers, let's backtrack a little. A couple of days ago, Apple released a guide explaining how to clean the titanium card. Fair enough since it is white, ensuring it'll get dirty really fast. In response to this, some users showed off what an aged Apple Card looked like and it was not pretty. The only way to keep it truly safe is to store it somewhere where it is protected at all times, like say a card cover.

Enter the card cover that has popped up on Etsy. So far, we've only found one seller (JoyComplex) offering the covers. It should be noted that we are neither endorsing nor suggesting you buy the card covers, we are just bringing them to your attention.

For the price of one iTunes song ($1.29), as the description points out, you can get a premium handmade cellulose fiber sleeve with a distinct matte black finish that juxtaposes perfectly with the white Apple Card.

Truth be told, these rabbit holes we've gone into for the Apple Card are rather silly. However, that's the attention an Apple product commands. It also fits a very obvious need and it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on it with a tailor-made Apple Card cover.

In a quick search through Amazon, we didn't find a single listing for an Apple Card cover; but we wouldn't be surprised to see them everywhere very soon.

Danny Zepeda