Logitech's Rugged iPad Case and Crayon Stylus: Everything you need to know

Apple has partnered with Logitech for its education-themed accessories for the new sixth-generation iPad. There's a new second-generation rugged iPad case and keyboard combo, and in addition, Logitech has co-developed a lower-priced, kid-friendly Crayon stylus with Apple.

These two new products are available exclusively for the 6th-generation iPad, and they will only be available to purchase from Apple's Education Channel for schools and school districts.

The Rugged Combo Case

Rugged Combo Case

The Rugged Combo iPad case is a thick, hardshell case made from soft polymer ribs with square corners for extra protection against drops. It also has a kickstand on the back with free movement with 20 to 60 degree tilt angles so you can stand it up in various angles.

The detachable keyboard clips magnetically to the case, but connects to the iPad using special data transfer technology that goes from the connection point to the device through the Lightning port, so it is extra secure for student testing and exams. Because the keyboard connects to the iPad, it doesn't need a separate charging port. It pulls its juice from the iPad using low power consumption.

The Rugged Combo is only sold in boxes of 10 units and will cost $99 for schools and school districts through Apple's Education Channel. It's available now.

The Crayon


The Logitech Crayon takes much of the technology inside of Apple Pencil — including low-latency communication, tilt and shade, and palm rejection — and angles it for an education audience. Logitech worked with Apple to design the student-oriented device, and took into consideration many of the issues teachers might have with the original Pencil (detachable nib, price, design, pairing ability, and charging). As such, it's probably the only stylus we'd recommend outside of the Apple Pencil; unfortunately, as with the rugged case, the Crayon is available solely for education customers.

How does Logitech's Crayon stylus work?

The main differences between it and the original Apple Pencil are as follows:

  • The Crayon has no pressure sensitivity
  • It's designed solely to work on the sixth-generation iPad (sorry, iPad Pro users)
  • It uses a single-frequency (non-Bluetooth) connection to connect with your iPad (you'll press a button on the side of the stylus to turn it on and connect it)
  • It has a flat design, much like 53's Pencil stylus
  • It's made from aluminum and rubber, and designed for rugged use
  • It uses a female lightning port to charge — remove the (attached) nib and plug in a regular Lightning cord to charge it
  • It lasts for 8 hours (to the Pencil's 12 hours)

Educators will be able to order the Crayon at $49 each through Apple's Eduction Channel in June.


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Updated March 27 4:50PM ET: Added more information about the Crayon.

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