Apple debuts app trailer videos for the App Store with Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja, this week's App Store Editors' Choice not only comes with a lot of fun, but with something entirely new - a trailer. Currently live in the UK App Store, but presumably about to spread internationally, if you go through the Editors' Choice banner to Clumsy Ninja's App Store page, you're not only given some brief copy, but an iTunes video that shows off some of the game features.

Videos/trailers have been on both developer and customer wish-lists for a long time, but have been even more in demand since iOS 7 upped the motion stakes with its dynamic interface. Whether videos will remain Editors' Choice only, or whether they'll spread to all App Store listing eventually is uncertain, but that the possibility has become a reality is not only encouraging, but exciting.

So here's the question - would seeing a video for all apps help you better decide which ones you want to download or buy?

Source: App Store via MacStories

Rene Ritchie

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