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  • Apple's VP of marketing has revealed the secret behind 'Shot on iPhone'.
  • Tor Myhren says SOI was a "ridiculously simple idea".

Apple's VP of marketing Tor Myhren has revealed the secret behind the 'Shot on iPhone' campaign that Apple has used to champion the power of the camera in all of its best iPhones including the most recent iPhone 13.

Myhren spoke at Adweek's Elevate: Out of home event Wednesday, from the publication:

If it seems counterintuitive that a pioneering technology company would latch onto one of the oldest and often most analog forms of advertising—out of home—Apple's Tor Myhren can explain.

Billboards and other "outdoor expressions" hold a special place in a transient world, said Myhren, Apple's vp of marketing communications, during his Wednesday keynote speech at Adweek's Elevate: Out of Home event.

Myhren spoke about research that showed Gen Z consumers find outdoor ads "relaxing", and said that at Apple "we absolutely love outdoor" because "It breaks all the rules of today's fast and temporary and fractured digital culture. It's static, it doesn't move, it's singular—all the things that most of marketing nowadays is not."

Myhren further explained how Shot on iPhone was "a ridiculously simple idea... based on behavior we were seeing with people posting their photos and hashtagging them in different ways." Apple use the campaign to not only advertise its iPhone and camera but transform physical spaces with huge marketing billboards and posters. Myhren continued "Something to ask is, 'Can you actually make the space more interesting and charming versus being obtrusive and annoying?"

As the report notes, Shot on iPhone has evolved across different social media platforms and has been used to highlight national holidays and moments of great importance.

The camera remains the centerpiece of Apple's iPhone lineup for many users, and Black Friday is already offering up some great iPhone discounts for users including on its most recent iPhone 13.

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