Apple files patent for dual-mode iMac touch

I've long dreamt of a world where, instead of launching Front Row's movie interface or DashBoard's widget screen on a Mac, I could just launch a version of iPhone/iPad's iOS and use all my existing apps and games -- and a newly discovered Apple Patent for a dual-mode iMac touch shows Apple might one day may that dream come true.

Or not. As with any patent there's no way of knowing which will ever end up as real shipping products and which will live on only as doodles and descriptions. However, Apple is moving inexorably towards iOS and multitouch so perhaps this one has a shot?

What do you think? Is a world where you can slide away your keyboard and mouse Magic TrackPad, flip down Mac OS X, and start multitouching your way through IOS a world you want to live in?

Rene Ritchie

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