Big news about Apple, GDPR, and your privacy

May 23, 2018: Apple's new privacy site is live

Following Apple's commitment to bring new and better data privacy tools to its services, the company today launched an all-new, all privacy-focused web portal for customers:

As stated previously, Apple is rolling out these tools in compliance with the EU's GDPR (see below), but will be making them available everywhere in the near future.

Big news for Apple and privacy today: In preparation for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that kicks in on May 25, Apple is:

  1. Introducing new privacy icons that show up when Apple first asks to use your data. You can see them in iOS 11.3 and the rest of today's updates.
  2. Beginning in May in the EU, but going worldwide thereafter, Apple will be introducing four new tools that let you:
    • Get a copy of your data
    • Request a correction to your data
    • Deactivate your account
    • Delete your account
  3. Apple is once again reaffirming its commitment to privacy by:
    • Minimizing data collection
    • Offering transparent controls
    • Processing on-device rather than on Apple's cloud
    • Maintaining security, encryption.

Many of these policies and tools already exist, but Apple is streamlining everything and making it all as easy to understand and use as possible.

For more on Apple and it's privacy policies, see

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