Apple highlights impact of iPad in trauma medicine

Apple Veterans Day Feat T6 Hero
Apple Veterans Day Feat T6 Hero (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has published a new feature giving insight into the power of the iPad.
  • A new story covers an app that gives surgeons real-time feedback as they administer trauma care.

Apple has posted a feature highlighting how its best iPads like the M1 iPad Pro (2021) can be used to deliver life-saving care in trauma medicine.

In a new story Wednesday Apple writes:

The call comes in to the emergency line at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York City: EMS are on the way with a 7-year-old boy who has been struck by a car. A 12-person Level I trauma team is activated to respond. As the team assembles and prepares for the patient's arrival, there's a new tool in their kit. It's a cutting-edge app called T6 that runs exclusively on iPad and leverages data to give medical professionals real-time feedback as they administer lifesaving trauma care.

The feature describes Nathan Christopherson, vice president of surgery for Northwell Health in New York, who oversees trauma centers, and his discovery of the T6 iPad app:

T6 allows medical teams to input and analyze patient data in real time through iPad. In a hospital setting, data such as vitals and injury details are entered into the app and displayed on a large screen for the entire trauma team to see, along with standard-of-care guidelines and alerts. In the field, whether that's in an ambulance or medical helicopter, or if T6 is being used by a military team or medic, the iPad app will allow real-time virtual communication between the person administering care and a trauma team in another location.

Apple says the app has been used in Afghanistan, as well as at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, it is named after the six-hour period where medical intervention after a traumatic injury can get the best outcome. The app can deliver all sorts of info like calcium alerts during blood transfusions and can run across multiple devices using the cloud.

One Northwell Health surgeon said "Information is power, and T6 is a great tool to improve the accuracy of information transmission throughout the continuum of a patient's care. In the military, we've learned how critical that is when it comes to moving severely injured patients from the field. T6 is going to help streamline the flow of data from the point of injury to the ICU and everywhere in between — that's going to be huge for trauma medicine, whether that's civilian or military."

You can read the full story here.

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