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What you need to know

  • Apple has joined the Blender Development Fund.
  • Apple will offer financial and engineering expertise support, Blender announced.

The Blender Foundation has announced that Apple has joined the Blender Development Fund, becoming a Patron Member in the process. That means Apple will help to support continued Blender development, it says.

Blender, a popular open-source 3D creation tool, will now benefit from not only Apple's financial clout, but also what Blender calls "engineering expertise," too.

The Blender Foundation, the organization behind the popular open source 3D creation tool "Blender", today announced that Apple has joined the Blender Development Fund as a Patron Member to support continued core development for Blender.

Alongside a contribution to the Development Fund, Apple will provide engineering expertise and additional resources to the Blender HQ and development community to help support Blender artists and developers.

Blender has previously been one of the best Mac options for people who want to create 3D magic on Apple's platform and now the company is helping ensure people have a tool that they can use moving forward, too. Apple's engineering help will ensure that Blender benefits from the latest Apple technologies throughout future macOS releases as well.