Apple launches its new CareKit platform with four health apps

Apple has launched the company's CareKit platform, an open-source platform to empower people with data about their health. Unlike ResearchKit, which is being deployed in nationwide medical studies, CareKit is designed for the collection of health data for personal use.

Announced back in March, the company planned to start rolling out the tech into apps this month. According to TechCrunch, the platform has been integrated with four iPhone apps at launch.

"Starting today, Carekit will integrate with four iPhone apps, including two of the Glow family of apps Glow Nurture and Glow Baby; Start, an app for monitoring depression medication; and One Drop, a diabetes tracker."

CareKit can make it easy for doctors to monitor the progress of patients, but more importantly, it can provide said users with data to oversee their own progress over time. Essentially, Apple is trying to make it easier for you to manage your own health data and share it with those who wield the knowledge and power to help make you feel better.

Apple has made CareKit available on GitHub for developers to use in their own apps.

Rich Edmonds