Apple launches 'Stand Up to Racism' Today in the App Store story

Stand Up To Racism Story App Store
Stand Up To Racism Story App Store (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • The Today story in the App Store is dedicated to justice and equality.
  • The list includes places to vote, resources, donations, and more.
  • Black Lives Matter.

Apple's Today story in the App Store is all about racism. Titled "Stand Up to Racism (opens in new tab)," it features a long list of apps that can be helpful resources for people looking to participate or support the anti-racists revolution taking place in the U.S. right now.

The Make your voice heard section includes apps to help you register to vote (opens in new tab), who your elected officials are and how to call them (opens in new tab), and Outvote (opens in new tab), an app that gathers information about social-justice organizations.

In the Stay Informed section, Apple highlight's its News app curation of #george-floyd protest coverage and other published content about racial injustice. Additionally, Apple spotlights other news aggregation apps to help you stay up to date as events unfold.

You can find out the best apps for donating (opens in new tab) to social justice causes, sign up for educational courses (opens in new tab) that teach about Black history and civil rights, or watch a documentary about systemic racism in America.

If you want to get social for the cause, why not try something completely different than Twitter or Facebook? Gather (opens in new tab) is an app that helps start the conversation with others by offering prompts. If you're unsure of how to start talking about racial injustice in the U.S., maybe this app will spark some ideas.

When you're ready to talk about your views, use StoryCorps (opens in new tab) to record your conversation. These important moments in time will be automatically uploaded to the Library of Congress so you can be a part of our oral history.

Apple also spotlights five apps by Black developers so you can support their everyday work. Check out Apple's Today story (opens in new tab) in the App Store now.

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  • According to the Chicago Tribune 50 people were shot in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend this year. 23 more were shot the next day. I saw no protesting for these people. Black on black crime is OK? Maybe we should fix our own neighborhoods first.
  • Minneapolis:
    Democratic Mayors since 1973
    Almost 100% Democratic City Council.
    Democratic State Legislators.
    Democratic Governor.
    Democratic US Representatives and Senators. This power structure has enabled and is 100% responsible for the events that occurred. Nothing will change until the people of America stop blindly voting for progressive grifters and racial agitators who preach tolerance and practice oppression. Apple should be highlighting this instead of grifter apps that will take money and disappear.