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What you need to know

  • Apple Maps users in the Netherlands can now report accidents in-app.
  • The feature is available from today and lets users report accidents, hazards, speed control, and more.

Apple Maps now supports accident reporting for users in the Netherlands on iOS 14.5.

As reported by iCulture:

Apple Maps has plenty of features that make navigating more enjoyable. Unfortunately, some of these functions do not yet work in the Netherlands, such as the speed limits. But that's about to change. For some time now, Apple Maps has been showing speed cameras in the Netherlands and from today it is possible to report accidents, danger or speed checks on your route. Apple is letting iCulture know this today. This feature has been available in other apps for a long time, such as Waze and Flitsmeister.

The feature works with iOS 14.5 and later, and is rolling out from today. Not only can users report accidents in-app, they can also do it via Siri. Siri supports voice commands for reporting accidents, hazards, and speed controls, as well as crashes. Users can also report whether previously reported incidents have now been resolved.

Apple first added accident reporting to iOS 14 in Maps earlier this year. From that report:

One of the popular features enjoyed by mapping apps like Waze has been the ability to report accidents, hazards, or speed traps that alerts other drivers on the road that happen to be on the same route or in that general area. It's a handy feature that might help other drivers to find a better route depending on the impact that an accident or hazard has on traffic.