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What you need to know

  • Apple is celebrating its 40 years of life in Singapore.
  • The company first opened Singaporean offices in 1981 and now employees more than 3,500 people.

Apple has celebrated its first 40 years of life in Singapore, sharing details about its presence in a country that was just 16 years old when Apple made it home.

In a new Newsroom post, Apple outlines some of the changes it has undergone over the last 40 years. For example, it now directly employs more than 3,500 people in Singapore while it also supports more than 55,000 people via the App Store.

In 1981, when the country was a fledgling 16-year-old nation, Apple's first office there opened with 72 employees and manufacturing focused on the Apple II.

Today, Singapore is Apple's base for Asia Pacific operations and a globally recognized center of innovation and expertise as the country embraces a high-tech vision for the future.

Apple goes on to profile developer Mighty Bear Games, a team of four that has grown to 53 in just five years. That's just one example of how the App Store has had an impact on developers in Singapore. But it isn't just developers that have benefited from Apple's presence — Singapore has one of the world's most stunning retail outlets in the form of its Marina Bay Sands Apple Store. The world's first floating Apple Store undoubtedly offers one of the best iPhone buying experiences ever.

Apple's Newsroom post also mentions the 2018 opening of a Swift Accelerator program in Singapore as well as a 2015 partnership with local government and energy company Susneap.

In 2015, Apple partnered with the government of Singapore and local energy company Sunseap to build solar energy systems to power Apple's four sites and three retail stores on 100 percent renewable energy. Solar panels were placed on more than 800 rooftops of both public-owned buildings and Apple's own facilities, generating 32 megawatts of solar energy in land-scarce Singapore.

Check out all that Apple has to say about its presence in Singapore in its Newsroom post.

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