'Apple Music for Artists' analytic dashboard is now available for all artists on the platform

What you need to know

  • Apple Music is rolling out its analytical dashboard feature to all artists.
  • Apple Music for Artists, as it is called, gives artists deeper analytics about how users consume their music on the platform.
  • The feature has been around since early 2018, but now it is available to everyone in beta form.

Apple Music has released the beta for its Apple Music for Artists analytical dashboard feature. The feature, which has been around since early 2018 as a limited feature, will now be available for everyone according to The Verge.

The analytical dashboard gives artists access to a ton of analytical metrics about how their music is consumed from playbacks, popular songs, trends, places, album purchases, daily listeners, milestones and how listeners find their music.

Additionally, users will also have more in-depth control of their Apple Music profiles. They will be able to go in and upload their own custom artist image.

Most recently, Apple added Shazam integration to the service. Artists can now see in which cities and countries is their music being searched for.

Artists can access the Apple Music for Artists feature by signing up through the web dashboard or through the new iOS app.

Danny Zepeda