Apple Music costs just ₹120 ($1.8) per month in India, family plan priced at ₹190 ($3)

Apple launched its new Music service globally yesterday, with India being one of the launch countries. While the service costs $9.99 a month in the U.S., Indian customers will be able to subscribe to Apple Music for just ₹120 ($1.8) per month. The family plan — which costs $14.99 monthly in the U.S. — is priced at ₹190 ($3). Indian customers also get a three-month trial period upon subscribing to the service, after which monthly billing commences. One reason for the low pricing has to do with limited availability of the iTunes catalog.

It is clear that Apple is trying to aggressively target customers from the country, with Apple Music being a viable contender to other streaming services currently available in India. Other services that are live in the subcontinent include Rdio Unlimited, which also costs ₹120 ($1.8) a month, and Saavn Pro, which is available in two tiers: Lite for ₹120 ($1.8) a month and a Pro version that sets users back ₹250 ($4).

Local service Gaana also has a subscription model for its unlimited streaming service, which currently costs ₹99 ($1.5) in the country. Piracy is still the number one form of media acquisition in the country, although the launch of services like Apple Music have the potential to wean users away from illegally downloading content. Along with a varied collection of tracks available to stream from iTunes, the service features Beats 1, a 24-hour ad-free global radio station hosted by Zane Lowe. Access to Beats 1 is free even if you don't subscribe to Apple Music.

Indian readers, how many of you will subscribe to Apple Music post the trial period? Let us know in the comments.

Harish Jonnalagadda

The clumsiest man in tech.