Apple MusicSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Music has gained a feature that was originally part of Beats Music.
  • The feature improves how multiple versions of the same album are displayed.
  • Now they'll appear at the bottom of the screen beneath a header.

Apple Music has gained a new feature, even though it was originally part of the app that it was based on. Now, users will see alternate versions of albums in a new "Other Versions" section of its track list.

The feature was part of Beats Music before Apple bought it to create Apple Music, but it didn't make the jump to the newly designed Apple Music app. Its return is long overdue.

Now, anyone viewing an album with multiple versions available will see them listed at the bottom of the track list, hidden in a new "Other Versions" as detailed by MacStories.

That same behavior is now followed by Apple Music. For example, if you view the Death Cab for Cutie artist page in Apple Music, you'll see Transatlanticism as one of the group's albums, but only one version of it so as to prevent unnecessary cluttering of the album list. Open that album, however, and you'll see the Other Versions section containing the Demos and 10th Anniversary versions.

It kinda makes you wonder why it's taken so long to come back, doesn't it?