Apple Music Come Together CollectionSource: Apple Music

What you need to know

  • Apple Music has released a new featured collection called "Come Together".
  • The collection was made to "help you get through our social distancing."
  • It is available now to Apple Music subscribers in the U.S. and is expanding globally this week.

Last week, Apple Music launched a personalized playlist called the "Get Up! Mix" to give its subscribers a constantly updated playlist of upbeat music from their favorite artists. This week, the service is rolling out a new featured collection called "Come Together" that is filled with music, music videos, and radio shows to "help you get through our social distancing."

The collection features a number of different sections that are made to uplift you, motivate you to work out at home, relax, focus on work, or have some fun with the family. There is also a video playlist section if you feel like binging out music videos instead of Netflix, as well as some of the shows from Beats 1 Radio like Elton John's Rocket Hour.

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The collection was put together by the Apple Music editorial team and is designed to help all of us find some comfort, distraction, or happiness in music while we are all staying at home.

"To say that these are challenging times is an understatement. But wherever you are and whatever you're experiencing during the pandemic, we're all in this together. Whether you're trying to find distraction while working, living, and playing at home or struggling to find a positive outlook under major life upheavals—music can be an escape and a salve for yourself and whoever you're hunkered down with. Because social distancing doesn't need to mean antisocial. Below you'll find playlists to suit your situation and help provide comfort, motivation, focus - or just something to dance to and get your mind off all of this."

The "Come Together" playlist is available now to all Apple Music subscribers in the United States and will be rolling out to other countries throughout the rest of the week. You can check to see if the playlist is available for you on Apple Music in the Browse section.

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