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Apple Music now notifies you of new release music right in your library

How to manage your Apple Music subscription
How to manage your Apple Music subscription (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple Music is launching in-app notifications.
  • Users can now be notified in-app about new release music.
  • Notifications will appear at the top of your Library.

Apple Music has always given you the option to enable push notifications about new releases from the artists you follow, but it has never really been the most reliable way to discover new music.

Apple seems to understand the issue and is now bringing these notifications into the Apple Music app itself. You'll now be able to receive updates of new albums, EPs, and videos from your favorite artists right at the top of your Library.

"See new music from artists you like. Get updates about new releases from artists you listen to - right in your library."

Apple Music In App Notifications

Apple Music In App Notifications (Image credit: MacRumors)

So now, if an artist you like releases a new album, single, EP, or even music video, Apple Music will let you know about the release right in the app.

Apple is announcing the new feature in a splash page within the Apple Music app, but if you are not seeing that you can still enable the feature yourself manually. You can do so in your account setting within the app.

  1. On iPhone, open the Music app.
  2. Tap on the For You tab.
  3. Tap on your profile picture at the top right of the app.
  4. Tap on the Notifications menu.
  5. Turn the Show in Library toggle on.

While you may want to only receive notifications from a curated selection of artists, you are currently only able to turn these in-app notifications on or off for all artists that you follow.

The update is rolling out to users periodically, so keep an eye out for the splash page or, if you're wanting to enable the notifications right away, follow the instructions above to turn the feature on.

Joe Wituschek
Joe Wituschek

Joe Wituschek is a Contributor at iMore. With over ten years in the technology industry, one of them being at Apple, Joe now covers the company for the website. In addition to covering breaking news, Joe also writes editorials and reviews for a range of products. He fell in love with Apple products when he got an iPod nano for Christmas almost twenty years ago. Despite being considered a "heavy" user, he has always preferred the consumer-focused products like the MacBook Air, iPad mini, and iPhone 13 mini. He will fight to the death to keep a mini iPhone in the lineup. In his free time, Joe enjoys video games, movies, photography, running, and basically everything outdoors.

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  • I'm praying someone can help me with a huge iTunes/Apple Music problem that Apple can't seem to solve. In March, my computer (new iMac) suddenly removed about 7,000 songs from my iCloud library and then also removed them from hundreds of playlists I've created. So those playlists now have 1-2 songs instead of 20 or so. It happened to many playlists but not all of them -- and it would take months to recreate them all. The songs still show in my library (but not in the playlists), but with a cloud with red X through it. After a month of dealing with tech support, yesterday I restored my computer to the date just before this all started. All my playlists came back, fully populated. I did notice lots of duplicate songs on my music library, with a cloud with the arrow down showing it could be downloaded. I also noticed these seemed to be the same songs that had been removed from the cloud before. I was super excited to have fixed the problem, but over the next 10 minutes my computer apparently synched, removed all those clouds from the iCloud library again, and gutted all my playlists again. These are a mix of songs I purchased from iTunes and/or ripped from CDs. Any ideas on what is happening or how to possibly fix? Thanks much! Bill