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What you need to know

  • Apple Music has picked up "Verified".
  • The Genius show will air every weekday.
  • The show sees artists discuss the meaning of their lyrics.

Genius, the company behind song lyrics, is bringing its show "Verified" to Apple Music, the company confirmed in a press release. The show has been around since 2016 and sees artists discuss the meaning behind the lyrics that they write and sing.

Since 2016, Genius has produced more than 800 episodes of Verified, with hundreds of artists—from Billie Eilish to J Balvin to Ice Cube, Chance the Rapper to Sting to Cardi B—sitting down in front of the show's signature yellow backdrop to discuss the vision, creativity, and craft behind their songs.

Apple Music and Genius will co-produce the shows moving forward, with "Verified" episodes premiering exclusively on the service.

"Apple Music is already the official music player on Now, it's also the official music streaming partner for Verified, and we couldn't be more excited," said Ben Gross, Genius's Chief Strategy Officer. "We see a bright yellow future where every hit song on Apple Music has a companion Verified episode featuring the lyrics and meaning, straight from the artists themselves. This is the first step towards that reality."

New episodes of "Verified" will be available every weekday, Monday through Friday, and you can check out two new episodes that have been made available today right now.

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