Apple Music rebrands its popular rap playlist with new name and weekly show

What you need to know

  • Apple Music is rebranding its The A-List: Hip-Hop playlist to Rap Life.
  • The move comes as Apple has been rebranding many of its playlists with new catchy titles.
  • It'll also launch a new weekly show and daily segments aorund the new playlist.

Apple Music is continuing to rename its marquee A-List playlists. The latest casualty is The A-List: Hip-Hop which is now known as "Rap Life." First reported by Billboard, it will also launch a new weekly show and daily segments around the playlist.

Over the past few weeks, Apple has slowly been renaming many of its popular A-List playlists. The A-List: Rock became The New Rock, The A-List: Metal became Optimus Metallum and The A-List: Singer/Songwriter became Today's Acoustic. Now Rap Life is the newest playist on Apple Music.

Here's the description for Rap Life playlist:

Rap isn't just a genre. There's a reason it's sometimes simply called The Culture: It's a way of life. And this playlist—formerly known as The A-List: Hip-Hop—is where rap lives, breathes, and moves. Topped today by J.Cole and the Dreamville crew's "Under the Sun," off their Revenge of the Dreamers III album, Rap Life is home to hip-hop's heavy hitters and vanguard—the stars and the songs that speak to the moment and define the culture today. Check back early and often, as our editors update this playlist regularly. If you hear something you like, add it to your library.

Apple says the playlist will largely feature artists from the United States but will also take into accounts the worldwide impact of the genre.

Over the past couple of years, Apple Music has seem some of its most popular bursts come from the genre with Drake's Scorpion and More Life and Post Malone's "Rockstar" pulling in millions of streams.

Rap Life is now available on Apple Music.

Danny Zepeda