Apple News: The ultimate guide

News is Apple's attempt to make online magazines and reporting easier to find, subscribe to, read, and manage. If content is rendered in Apple News Format, it can include gorgeous typography, galleries, interactivity, and more. Otherwise, any web site with an RSS feed can sign up and offer their articles through the News app. It remains to be seen if Apple can help the publishing industry, but News already makes it easier to stay informed on the iPhone and iPad.

How to set up and use the News app for iPhone and iPad

Apple News collects all the sites and stories you want to read, all in one easy place to read them. From the News app on iPhone and iPad, you can see suggested articles, subscribe to channels and genres that interest you, favorite what you like most, and come back for more any time you want!

How to manage channels, history, and more in the News app for iPhone and iPad

You can customize your Apple News experience in a variety of ways. That includes muting channels, clearing articles and history, reporting concerns to Apple, opening articles in Safari, handling notifications, background updates, cellular data, and more!

How to like, share, and save stories in the News app for iPhone and iPad

Apple News isn't just about reading all about what's happening, it's about sharing what matters most to you with the people that matter most. It could be a magazine feature that makes you laugh or breaks your heart, breaking news that changes your worldview or sends you into a rage, or it could simply be something you know someone else cares about, even if you don't.