iTunes running on MacSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple released iOS 13.7 last week.
  • Today it stopped signing iOS 13.6.1.
  • That means nobody can install the older software, leaving iOS 13.7 the only option.

Apple has today stopped signing iOS 13.6.1, preventing users from installing it. That now leaves iOS 13.7 as the only option for people restoring their devices.

Apple released iOS 13.7 to the public last week after a short beta cycle and it brings an improved COVID-19 Exposure Notification system. The update removes the need for an app to be installed, allowing iOS itself to pull data from local health authorities. It's an important update, and Apple's move will ensure that as many people as possible are using it.

The cessation of iOS 13.6.1 signing means that people can't downgrade to it. That would normally impact jailbreakers specifically, although that is unlikely to be the case in this situation. Apple often stops signing older versions of iOS that have become susceptible to jailbreaks in particular.

Apple still has iOS 14 in the works, of course. The update is in the hands of developers and members of the public beta program right now and it's expected to be launched to everyone else within weeks.