Podcasts on iPhone 11 ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Podcasts subscriptions are now live.
  • Listeners can subscribe to podcasts and receive additional content.

Apple today flicked the switch that turned Apple Podcasts subscriptions on for everyone, giving listeners a way to pay for podcast content and creators a way to earn money for the shows they create.

Apple announced the new subscriptions option back on April, but ultimately decided to delay the launch to allow it to get all of its ducks in a row. That's now done, and the feature is live. Podcasters can learn more on the Apple Podcasts website.

You can offer shows with paid subscriptions, or fans can listen to free shows that come with additional benefits when they subscribe. Designed to be flexible and creator-friendly, podcast subscriptions can be offered as monthly or annual plans, and they'll be available in more than 170 countries and regions. Similar to app subscriptions on the App Store, podcast subscriptions let you set prices that work for you and your audience.

Podcast creators can create a free feed, a freemium one that includes additional content for a fee, and a paid feed that puts every episode behind a paywall. They'll also be able to create channels that put all of their shows in one place, complete with unique branding including a logo, artwork, and show description.

One downside that might not be obvious to all however – this all works so long as you listen via the Apple Podcasts app. Fans of Overcast, Castro, and other apps will not be able to take advantage of anything offered via Apple Podcasts subscriptions.

In terms of listening to podcasts, the AirPods Pro are probably still one of the best ways to get the spoken word right into your ears. Check out the best AirPods Pro deals before placing an order for your new earbuds, too.

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