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What you need to know

  • Apple has teamed up with Common Sense Media to help recommend podcasts to kids.
  • Podcasts will be listed in four categories aimed at families and kids.

Apple has long had an association with the podcast world and that continues today as the competition between it and Spotify heats up. Today Apple Podcasts has announced a new partnership with Common Sense Media that will help kids and families find podcasts to listen to.

Common Sense Media already offers various ways for parents to make sure the content they are taking in is suitable for their age and the partnership with Apple brings that right into the Podcasts app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Available to podcast listeners in the United States, Common Sense Media's recommendations will be broken down into four different categories.

  • Common Sense Media Picks: All-time favorites that families are sure to find entertaining and informative.
  • One More!: Mysterious tales and action-packed dramas that kids of all ages won't want to stop listening to.
  • Kids Know Best: Popular shows for kids, selected by kids themselves.
  • Story Time: Story-driven shows that transport kids into a world of imagination.

Families and kids can find the new recommendations in the Apple Podcasts app from today. You can also open it thanks to the magic of deep links by clicking right here, too.

Recommendations will change every month and they will be based around any theme that might be pertinent at the time. Imagine podcasts based on Women's History Month and more, for example.

If you plan on listening to more podcasts with your family, why not treat them to a new Bluetooth speaker to listen through?

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