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  • Apple has shared a 'Creating the World' Featurette for its Apple TV+ show For All Mankind.
  • In the spotlight is the authenticity and attention to detail in the set design of the show.
  • There are interview snippets from cast and crew, including Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore (Outlander, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica.)

Apple has published a 'Creating the World Featurette' for its Apple TV+ show For All Mankind to YouTube.

The four-minute video gives viewers a quick snapshot behind the scenes of Apple TV+'s space race drama. The description of the video states:

From the lunar surface of the moon to the precise recreation of the original Mission Control, the level of authenticity and attention to detail that brought For All Mankind to life is astounding. Hear from the Executive Producers and crew members regarding the incredible care and craft that went into building the sets, finding the real-life props and designing the wardrobes for this nostalgic, alternate history drama.

The focus of the video is the attention to detail applied to the design of sets and the inclusion of props within the show. Technical Advisor Garrett Reisman marvels at the accuracy of the Mission Control set, down to the door hinges, the paint color and even the pens on the desk, which are all said to be totally authentic to the actual location as it was in 1969. Even one of the wrenches used on set was an actual wrench used on an Apollo mission. It seems a great deal of importance was placed on accuracy and authenticity in the show. Actor Joel Kinnaman, who stars as Edward Baldwin, talks about how the meticulously-detailed world helped the actors to fully immerse themselves in the roles they were playing.

Whilst the show is a slow-burner to begin with, our review of the show's first three episodes ended with a solid 4/5 star-rating, you can read that full review here.

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