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What you need to know

  • Apple has released two new AirPods Pro support documents.
  • They are designed to tackle noise cancellation problems and crackling/static.
  • Apple also recently released a new firmware update for its AirPods.

Apple has issued two new support documents for its AirPods Pro, aimed at tackling problems with noise cancellation and crackling audio.

As 9to5Mac reports:

This week, Apple has released a couple of support articles that specifically mention troubleshooting steps to try, for users experiencing issues with Active Noise Cancellation or if they are hearing crackling/static noises.

The first is titled 'If Active Noise Cancellation isn't working as expected on your AirPods Pro' and steps involve checking your latest software, confirming that Active Noise Cancellation is switched on, and finally cleaning the mesh on the top of your AirPods Pro. Apple notes that debris and ear wax can build up in this area, and this can impact Active Noise Cancellation, notably causing a loss of bass sound or an increase in background noise.

The second document refers to 'If your AirPods Pro make crackling or static sounds'. Again, this asks you to check to see if you have the latest software installed, before ensuring that your device is within range of the source audio, and checking for wireless interference. The only other step is to try listening to audio from a different app to establish whether software might be the cause of the issue.

If you exhaust the steps for either of these, you should contact Apple Support.

Yesterday, Apple released new firmware for its AirPods Pro, however, there have been mixed reports about whether this may have solved previous noise cancellation. Reports from users on Twitter range from the problem being fixed, the same, or worse than it was previously.

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