M1 Mac Mini Macbook Air Macbook Pro Bench HeroSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • Apple will reportedly ship as many as five new Macs in 2022.
  • Alongside a new entry-level MacBook Pro, a new report says the first Apple silicon Mac Pro is coming as well.

Apple's 2022 is looking like a busy one, according to a new report. While devices like iPhone 14 are a given, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that it will be joined by as many as five new Macs as well.

Writing via the weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman says that Apple's 2022 is filled with new Mac hardware and it's all going to come packed with Apple silicon inside.

According to the newsletter, a refreshed high-end iMac will arrive at some point next year, complete with Apple silicon. Apple already launched the 24-inch M1 iMac earlier this year and while it's proving popular, a larger model is expected to join it eventually.

In terms of the MacBook Air, Gurman says we should expect a huge revamp with a new M2 chip at its center. A new entry-level MacBook Pro is also reportedly in the cards for launch within the next 12 months. Fans of the Mac mini will get a new model as well, although that isn't the biggest news by some margin. That's left for the Mac Pro.

Gurman believes that Apple will launch a revamped Apple silicon Mac Pro in 2022, something that is very exciting indeed. Given the fact the current M1 Max chips are so capable, we can only imagine what Apple could do with a refreshed chip inside a tower machine. That would undoubtedly become the best Mac you can buy — although pricing will dictate how many people actually do buy it!

If all of this does turn out to be accurate, 2022 could be a huge year for Mac fans. When any of these new Macs will be announced isn't clear, but with WWDC likely in or around June that could make a great place to announce a new Mac Pro.