Apple responds to #bendgate: your pockets are holding your iPhone 6 Plus correctly

It appears that the scandal behind the iPhone 6 Plus' #bendgate crisis has been blown out of proportion. Apple had responded to concerns that the iPhone 6 Plus' shell can bend under normal stress when being transported inside the pockets of pants by saying that the issue is so minimal that they've only received 9 complaints to date.

Apple had given its statement to CNBC and the news network had tweeted the news:

ALERT: Apple says only 9 customers have complained to the company about bent iPhones. (via @jonfortt)

Additionally, Apple had reinforced the unibody aluminum case design to give it added strength against torsion, noting that "new iPhones feature steel/titanium inserts to reinforce stress locations and use the strongest glass in the industry."

Have you personally experienced the #bendgate controversy on your personal iPhone 6 Plus?

Source: 9to5 Mac; CNBC

Chuong H Nguyen