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What you need to know

  • Apple is no longer signing iOS 13.2.2.
  • iOS 13.2.3 is now the only version of the software available.
  • Users wishing to downgrade are no longer able to.

Apple is no longer signing iOS 13.2.2 according to 9to5Mac, leaving iOS 13.2.3 as the only version of the software that can now be installed on iPhones and iPads. That follows the release of iOS 13.2.3 a few weeks ago. Apple is currently allowing developers to beta test iOS 13.3, too.

By no longer signing iOS 13.2.3 Apple is preventing anyone from installing it on iPhones and iPads. While most people would want the latest version of iOS on their devices, some might not. That could be because of newly introduced bugs or the potential for a new jailbreak that requires a specific version of iOS.

Apple sometimes prevents older versions of iOS from being installed once a jailbreak has been released for it. But in this case it is likely that Apple simply wants to make sure that its most stable version is the one everyone is running on their devices. The release of iOS 13.2.3 brought with it improvements to memory management for multitasking as well as fixes for Mail and Messages.

With iOS 13.3 now in the hands of beta testers it is likely it will be realesed to the public soon. Although how soon that will be isn't yet clear.