Apple touts commitment to privacy with billboards across Europe

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What you need to know

  • Apple has put up new privacy-focused billboards in Europe.
  • The billboards highlight Apple's commitment to keeping your information private.
  • Several billboards have been spotted in Berlin and Hamburg in Germany.

After erecting billboards in the U.S. and Canada, billboards touting Apple's dedication to privacy have appeared in Europe.

The new billboards, via Macerkopf, were spotted in Germany, with messages that reassure iPhone owners that their data is safe with Apple. Over the past several months, Apple has touted its commitment to privacy as a major selling point of the iPhone.

Photo via Macerkopf

Folks who live in Germany can find the new billboards in Berlin and Hamburg. The billboard located in Berlin reads, "Wilkommen im sicheren Sektor," which roughly translates to, "Welcome to the safe sector," alluding to the city's once divided sides.

Earlier this year, similar billboards appeared in the U.S. and Canada. During CES 2019 in Vegas, a prominent billboard from Apple featured a catchphrase that said, "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone."

In additon to these billboards, Tim Cook previously wrote an essay that lamented the state of privacy and underlined why Apple is different, saying, "Consumers shouldn't have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives."

Brandon Russell