Apple trolls Spotify and Joe Rogan with 'We Love Neil Young' section

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Apple Music Voice Plan On Iphone 13 Pro (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple has taken a pretty big dig at Spotify over the Neil Young - Joe Rogan incident.
  • Young told Spotify that he would take his music off the platform if it continued to allow COVID vaccine misinformation to be spread on podcasts, naming Joe Rogan in the process.
  • Now absent from Spotify, Apple has established a 'We love Neil' section on Apple Music and is advertising itself as 'The Home of Neil Young'.

After it emerged this week that Spotify users were flocking to Apple Music following the fallout between Neil Young and home of Joe Rogan's podcast, Apple has hilariously trolled Spotify with a 'We Love Neil' section on its Apple Music app.

On Thursday Apple Music began to trend on Twitter following a spat between Young and Spotify. The artist demanded Spotify remove his music from the platform if they were going to keep spreading misinformation about vaccines, naming Joe Rogan and issuing an ultimatum to the site.

Young's catalog is no longer on Spotify after the company chose to stick with Rogan, and Apple hasn't missed the opportunity to have a sly dig at its streaming rival.

As noted by Billboard's Micah Singleton Apple is now featuring a 'We Love Neil' section on its Apple Music app:

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Apple also took to its Apple Music Twitter account with a tweet which read:

The home of Neil Young.Listen to his entire catalog on Apple Music

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The company even took the opportunity to send some iPhone users a notification from Apple Music:

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On Thursday, Apple announced that along with a record-breaking $124 billion Q1, the company added some 165 million paid subscribers to its services in 2021. The company didn't go into specifics but safe to say a big chunk of this likely went to Apple Music, in part thanks to Apple's new voice-only plan designed to work with Siri-enabled devices like the HomePod mini.

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