Fraggle Rock Rock OnSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has brought 'Fraggle Rock' back for a new short-form series.
  • The new series, called 'Fraggle Rock: Rock On!", premieres every Tuesday on Apple TV+.
  • The entire series was shot with the iPhone 11.

'Fraggle Rock' has returned to TV - Apple TV that is. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Apple has inked a deal with the Jim Henson Company to bring the beloved series from the 1980's back for a limited run on its streaming service.

The series, called 'Fraggle Rock: Rock On!', features the characters from the original television show in new three-to-five minute episodes that will premiere every Tuesday on Apple TV+.

The series is executive produced by Halle Stanford and John Tartaglia and, according to the report, is shot completely on the iPhone 11. The production crew is creating the show entirely at home and working together remotely across the entire United States to bring the series to life.

'Fraggle Rock: Rock On!' joins Snoopy in Space, Helpsters, and Ghostwriter as another family-friendly original series on Apple's streaming service.

Earlier today, Apple posted a teaser trailer for the series on the Apple TV YouTube channel. The trailer says that, even though the characters may be apart right now, that can't stop them from having fun and singing together.

"The Fraggles might be apart in separate caves, but they can still find ways to have fun together! Join Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt for stories and songs that show everyone how we're all connected."

The first episode is available now on Apple TV+ and you can check out the trailer for 'Fraggle Rock: Rock On!' below: