Apple TV gets Watch ABC, Crackle, and Bloomberg and more

Apple has added several content channels to the Apple TV, including Watch ABC, Crackle, and Bloomberg. Crackle, a Sony service, lets you watch a number of TV shows and movies without a subscription. Watch ABC, meanwhile requires you to register your cable provider before you can watch full episodes. Currently, customers with AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, and Verizon FiOS can all be verified.

Bloomberg, in addition to its on demand video, is yet another move by the Apple TV into live content. Selecting Live TV from the rotating carousel of options or the Live TV tab will let you watch the program currently airing on the channel live. There is also a wide selection of on demand video as well.

Apple also added KORTV, a Korean content provider. This channel provides access to a number of Korean programs, and you can pay $5.99 for even more content.

We now also have some insight into how Apple TV apps are built. The developers behind the Bloomberg app said that they were given an SDK by Apple, which they then used to build an app for the Apple TV on top of Bloomberg's backend infrastructure in about five weeks. You can read the whole article over at 9to5Mac.

The channels should appear on your Apple TV soon, and do not require a software update.

Source: 9to5Mac

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • If you don't see the 'channels' on your AppleTV - just give it a reboot...
  • Would be nice to see some stuff that us UK peeps could appreciate
  • When is the nonsense of having to have a cable subscription to use network channels (which you can get for free over the air) going to end? Anyone?
  • Whenever the content providers get off their high horses and decide that they can make money from streaming.
  • I think the reasoning behind having verifying a cable sub for network content is the ability to rebroadcast the content when you want. Over the air it's rebroadcasted when the network chooses to. It's just like on demand which you can't do over the air.
  • Yeah, but that shouldn't require a cable subscription. More like a reasonable streaming fee.
  • I agree. I can hardly use my Apple TV for more that airplay and a few apps because my crappy local cable provider isn't on the list. No sense going with satellite either because they aren't supported. I could've stuck with just plugging my MacBook Pro in through HDMI and using my phone as a remote for what it's worth. I know it isn't Apples fault but damn...
  • Still waiting for the NFL to provide a channel. Once I get that so I can watch any game I want, it's goodbye Comcast. Of course, I would like this NFL channel to have the ability to watch streaming NFL Network as well. :)
  • None of the Sports channel allow watching of your own home team if you live in the broadcast area. Thats why MLB, NBA, and NHL are only good in out of town areas. Plus playoffs, lets not forget that the playoffs are not always on National TV, then you would need a bar or cable sub.
  • MLB has a postseason package where you can watch any playoff game (that's not airing on FOX). You can watch live video feeds, and listen to the broadcast audio feed. If you have Apple TV, you can use AirPlay from an iDevice to watch the games on your TV.
  • That's a start I suppose, I hadn't realized that. Looking at their website it's $4.99 for the whole postseason. Although they don't mention blackout due to fox, they do state it's an alternate view, is there any play by play and color commenting?
  • You can select one of several raw video feeds, located throughout the stadium. Since it's a raw feed, there are no instant replays or overlays. The audio feed is the exact same one you would hear if you were watching TBS.
  • Not gonna happen anytime soon. And you're still gonna need a cable subscription. The NFL gets paid $39 BILLION dollars from NBC, CBS, ESPN, Fox through 2022 (2021 for ESPN). Those networks get paid by cable companies. The NFL has zero incentive to cut out the Cable companies entirely. It would be the killing the goose that laid the golden egg. It's pure economics. Even the NFL network exists because a cable networks like Comcast, Time Warner, etc ,pay the NFL just to carry the Network. The only reason the NFL can pay the ridiculous salaries they do and have the giant brand new stadiums is the TV contract. Do away with that and the league goes back to the 70s. All major sports live off of TV contracts in fact.
  • I'll stick to my Chromecast. Much better!
  • how so?
  • lol funny. On no planet in the universe is Chromecast better than ATV. Sent from the iMore App
  • Because.....why? Yep, I thought so. An empty, pointless comment made from a sheep. "Hello, my name is jblank and I'm an idiot. Apple is the best because, well, people say so. That's why." You're a dipshit!
  • And you're a fucking asshole homer. The ATV does far more, which is obvious, so I felt you would be intelligent enough to realize that without being told. I was wrong, so toodle do and fuck you too. Sent from the iMore App
  • @Chris Kurth 1: what are you, some hypocritical prepubescent snot troll? If anybody's comment is empty and pointless, it would be yours! What supporting evidence can you present to prove that Chromecast is "much better" (FYI: opinions don't count as evidence)? Your mockery and name-calling of @jblank proves that you're childish and immature and unable to debate in a civilized manner. Go troll or
  • I and quickly remembering why I stopped watching Crackle for Netflix - commercials! (*He-Man Commercial Hater) Also, where do we submit feed back about specific Apple TV apps? Sent from the iMore App
  • "Also, where do we submit feed back about specific Apple TV apps?" -- to the provider of the channel app itself - there is usually within each app a means of identifying how to give them feedback... or to Apple -
  • I use the Apple feedback link you provided frequently - I have it bookmarked on my iPhone Home Screen too! xD
    I've seen where a good many Apple TV apps offer feedback info in their Settings, but I must apologize as I should've clarified that I wish to send YouTube feedback on their app and as of yet, I have been unable to find to where and to whom I should direct my issue. Not even via the official YouTube website.
  • I'm hoping we'll be getting other channels soon, particularly CBS. Sent from the iMore App
  • ABC requiring a cable subscription is ridiculous. It makes sense for cable channels, they want to make sure you're paying for the content; but ABC is an over-the-air channel. You can watch it for free without cable. Requiring cable for the app shouldn't be allowed. Someone should contact the FCC for an official ruling if it's even legal. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. OTA local channels should be, well, plug-n-play. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm going to download the update now. Thanks for informing us about the update. Thanks! Sent from the iMore App
  • In Toronto, Ontario. The AppleTV got updated with Crackle, Bloomberg, and KorTV. Not gonna feel bad putting away the Roku now, since I've been AirPlaying from my MacBook, (MP4 ftw), so goodbye Plex! (Don't see the point in hacking Apple TV.) Most used channels for me are Podcasts, YouTube, and Netflix. Crackle and Vevo round out my top 5. Might miss the ability to play off a thumbdrive, but AirPlay is so much more convenient.
  • If you live in the D.C. Metro area you can't watch ABC live for some reason. I have been trying and waiting with my 5s for months now. So please people use the app and then ask to get it if you live in this region.
  • I use AT&T UVerse. There is no Bloomberg Channel in their HD line up. The AppleTV allows me to watch Bloomberg West and Mark Crumpton in HD 1080P, and I just saw a commercial for Saturday Night Live showing on that new Yahoo app which is also on AppleTV. I might watch that Yahoo app now.