The Apple TV is now officially available for purchase on Amazon

December 20, 2017 - Okay, for real this time …

It seems that Amazon has finally officially listed the Apple TV on its site. Though currently temporarily out of stock, the listing is there and doesn't appear to be going anywhere — a sign that Apple and Amazon have finally resolved their differences. It seems the holidays are truly a time for peace.

Now when Amazon users search "Apple TV," listings for both the 32GB model and the 64GB model are displayed, and are priced exactly as they are on Apple's website ($179 and $199, respectively). If you're really into purchasing an Apple TV from Amazon right now, you can add the item to your cart and check out as normal — it just won't ship until stock is replenished. Shipping availability isn't shown, but given that the listing itself is only a few hours old, it may be added soon.

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Amazon has since pulled the Apple TV from listings. We imagine it'll reappear when the Prime Video app launches on Apple TV.

Though it isn't in stock just yet, the Apple TV is officially up on Amazon again, suggesting that the Prime Video app for Apple TV may be coming soon. Amazon had pulled the player from its site because the company only sells media devices that support Prime Video, so its reappearance is good evidence that users will finally get access to their Prime content through their Apple TV.

Tim Cook promised support for Amazon Prime Video back in June, and Amazon confirmed the announcement in a tweet:

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Amazon Prime Video's presence also loomed at the last Apple Event, and yet again during the release of Apple TV 4K. According to an article on, there have also been some possibly disreputable whispers that the Prime Video app will launch this week before Thursday's NFL game. Even if those claims are unfounded, we can only assume it won't be long now before the app is available for Apple TV. Outside of the device's re-listing being an obvious clue, it'd be perfect timing for the holiday season when many flock to Amazon for their gifts.

Currently the 64GB Apple TV model is the only one listed by Amazon itself, with the 32GB available from other sellers. The media player is priced at $199.

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